All women face the threat of breast cancer, for current statistics show that one-in-eight American women will be diagnosed with this insidious disease in her lifetime. It is the second leading cause of death among women. But,there's hope. Armed with the facts, you have the power to make a difference for yourself, your friends, and your family. Keys to winning this battle: routinely have an annual breast thermography examination, and share what you have learned with your family and friends.

Getting Your Breast Thermography Examination

Speaking to your doctor

As a committed health care provider, your doctor has probably been introduced to breast thermography at one point in his or her career. But, given the excellent job the mammography industry has done to thwart the use of breast thermography, it's doubtful that your primary care physician or your gynecologist performs breast thermography examinations, or that either is even aware of the latest research in both thermography and mammography.

Despite the efforts of the mammography industry to keep both the public and doctors misinformed, more than a thousand medical studies over the past several years have shown that thermography far surpasses the effectiveness of mammography as a breast cancer-screening tool. Breast thermography is now becoming accepted as the most sensitive and objective tool for breast cancer screening, and because of its proven drawbacks, the use of mammography is being shunned.

We all need to be less apathetic and take control of our own healthcare, so don't be shy about asking your doctor for a breast thermography examination. A good conversation starter might be, "Doctor, I'm concerned about the possibility of having breast cancer. I want to be as proactive as possible in fighting the disease and I want a thermography breast examination."

It is likely your doctor has been conditioned by the industry's thirty-year propaganda campaign against breast thermography, and incorrectly believes that the examination has no merit. If this is the case, your doctor may try to discourage you from undergoing a breast thermography examination. Don't allow this to happen. You know the facts, so share them with your doctor, and insist on undergoing the screening. Most doctors have extremely busy practices and appreciate having new information brought to their attention.

If your doctor does not perform breast thermography examinations, he or she can refer you to a thermography practice for an examination. Don't be discouraged if they can't or won't, as there's plenty of help available to you. If they do give a referral, make sure that a thorough image interpretation method such as TAS is used to interpret your thermal images.

An internet search of 'breast thermography' and your geographic location will likely yield names and addresses of multiple facilities. The next step is to make sure a facility found in the search is properly qualified. Do they explain the best timing for an exam relative to the menstrual cycle? Do they follow the proper pre-examination protocol? Do they employ an appropriate technique such as the gold-standard method offered by TAS, to evaluate the thermographic images? These are very important details that need to be addressed if the examination is to be meaningful.

The easiest method for finding a qualified practitioner is to search (Google, etc.) using the phrase 'breast thermography' along with your postal code.

If You Have Questions

TAS is pleased to answer any questions you may have pertaining to the subject of breast thermography, or any of the other topics covered on this site. To ask a question, click here: Contact Us.

Share What You Have Learned With Your Family and Friends

Please spread the word about breast thermography. Your efforts to help get the message out is one of the most valuable things you can do to win the war against breast cancer.